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The Who, What, and Why

Who We Are


Professionals formally trained in - 

Basic knowledge of family & juvenile law;

Child abuse reporting laws; Confidentiality; 

Conflict of interest; 

Cultural sensitivity; 

Development needs of children;

Legal responsibilities & obligations; Provider protocol; 

Role of professional provider; 

Safety screening; 

Safety planning.

What We Do


We provide professional and impartial supervision so non-custodial parents can maintain and grow the relationship with their child/children. We observe, document, and report objective observations to the court. Our presence relieves tensions between custodial and non-custodial parents, and reduces stress for the child/children.

Five Reasons Why





Peace of mind.

Real world experiences.

Founder and director of Parenting Time Supervision Services


Arleen Marie

With years of experience as a parent supervisor, education in law and child psychology, Arleen decided to establish Parenting Time Supervision Services. The serious lack of professional parent supervisors in Southern Oregon motivated Arleen to expand her supervision area, and  increase supervision options.  Parent supervision, custody exchange monitoring, and virtual visitation are now available throughout Southern Oregon!

Arleen attended the training provided by Tamara L. Daniels, CAMS-1, Supervised Child Visits (SCV), a program of Growth Motivator Enterprises, Inc., located in Los Angeles CA., receiving a Certificate of Completion.  Arleen sought out the educational opportunities available to improve the quality and standard of service provided by Parenting Time Supervision Services and to ensure safe and healthy time together for all children and their parents . Arleen is CPR/1st Aid Certified, and has undergone three Federal background checks due to her intensive work with the Federal Government and her work with special needs children.