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Supervised Parenting

Professional, impartial third party observation and documentation during court ordered parent/child visitation.  We maintain eyesight of parent and child, and we are always within earshot during visitation. Promoting safe access and safe contact for the benefit of the child/children and adults is our primary goal.

Monitored Custody Exchange

Designed to help protect children from being exposed to their parents’ conflicts during custody transfer before and after a visit. A child can look forward to visitation without worrying about what is going to happen during the custody exchange. Parents and children benefit from the reduced stress level which helps lower the risk of custody exchange becoming a high conflict encounter; leading to a more positive visitation experience.

Telephone/Skype Calls or Virtual Visitation

Virtual visitation is  a means for non-custodial parents to maintain frequent contact with their child or children. It can be very beneficial for parents and children who live far from one another.  Also, e-visitation can prevent or avoid further altercations between the parents while allowing for visitation time.  

Intake Process

Both the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent must complete an intake and orientation interview before visitation or exchanges can begin. The intake process is expected to take approximately an hour and includes a discussion as to the reasons for the court ordered supervised visitation, a review of our policies and guidelines, and completion of all necessary paperwork.

Visitation Hours

We work within the limits set by the court-ordered parenting plan for visitation. Our supervision appointments can be as short as two hours or as long as eight hours. We do everything possible to accommodate everyone involved, while keeping the child's safety and best interest as the primary focus of all decisions.

Our Promise

We promise to be impartial, neutral, and objective visitation supervision professionals. We document what we see, what we hear, activities, location, duration, and interactions with others during visitation. Neutrality is the gold standard we strive to achieve and maintain from observation, documentation, reports, to court appearances.